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Company Profile

Red Castle Developments is a diverse South African company with its core business focus in property development. Founded in 2013 in Cape Town by four partners. The Directors and Management team bring together a diverse background of strategic areas including development, finance, marketing and property, with combined experience that spans well over half century. Starting its track record in affordable housing, Red Castle Developments utilised local innovative alternative building technologies in the completion of an already existing development. Expanding our network of professionals enabled us to take on more ambitious aims in new development areas, such as government subsidized housing and middle-to-high income residential homes.  Red Castle has further extended its reach by taking on new challenges, new services and new goals. The geographical scope has also stretched to various locations within South Africa, allowed by our growing capacity in delivering high quality products, adding confidence to our stakeholders, clients and investors.

Our Mission

To develop Landmark projects of the highest standards of quality with a commitment to ecologically sensitive urban design to improve the quality of life and the prosperity of all stakeholders. Engaging with our partners in Southern Africa and around the world in development projects that deliver quality homes and buildings, not merely houses.

Our aims and objectives

  • To be an innovative leader in the field of housing and Real Estate activity in Southern Africa.
  • To deliver economically and ecologically sustainable developments
  • To take care of the interests and prosperity of all stakeholders as much as we care for our own.
  • Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • To form strategic partnerships with enterprises and individuals whose aims and values resonate with ours.
  • Attract, develop, retain and motivate high performance individuals.

To provide resources, opportunities and support to our community, in particular the youth.

Our Values


A strong working relationship is important to us. We work at building and improving relationships so we can accomplish more in our world together.

Integrity, Fairness, Trust

Caring for fair and equitable transactions with all our clients and partners in each project and product, to ensure successful achievement of objectives and lasting relationships.


We value the yearning and enthusiasm that we can make a difference. It drives us on to accomplish great things, despite difficulties and challenges.

Excellence & Quality

We believe in continually improving all aspects of our activity: from craftsmanship, to operations and administration to management with maximum efficiency and accountability. We place a strong emphasis on attention to details, monitoring and evaluation in our projects.


Recognizing and realizing the gifts and abilities of others and finding ways of cooperation helps us achieve more.

Our approach

We have a small-scale approach to our development projects and care for detail. We listen to the needs and requirements of the buyers, the experts and the investors, in order to come up with creative solutions, always improving, always learning. In consultation with our partners, associated professionals and clients, we seek to provide products that achieve maximum satisfaction for ourselves, but more importantly, for our clients.

Environmental awareness

Red Castle is committed with implementing green initiatives and renewable energy solutions in all its projects in such a way that promotes sustainable growth and respect for the environment.

Social commitment

Access to housing for all South Africans has been one of the main challenges facing policymakers in South Africa in the last twenty-five years. Red Castle Developments was born out of recognising this need in society, thus aiming at taking its place in the market by not only delivering housing solutions but also dignity and security to those who need it most.

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